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26th July 2019



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60 Seconds! Reatomized


The post-apocalyptic dark comedy is back - remastered and even more radioactive than before! Scavenge supplies, rescue your family, and stay alive in your fallout shelter. Make difficult decisions, hunt mutant roaches... and maybe survive. Or not.

Dolores, Ted, Mary Jane and Timmy return to face the nuclear apocalypse in this new, remastered edition of the classic atomic adventure - 60 Seconds! Reatomized, featuring 4K support, refreshed 2D graphics and hand-drawn 3D textures, new interactive menu, improved UI system, a technical refresh, and of course... new content!


    Survival Challenges await! Face these unique, short storylines which will put your survival skills to the test!
    to escape the wasteland in form of a storyline spanning across multiple playthroughs! Can you escape the wasteland in style?
    featuring more stories and crazy interactions between the McDoodle family members!
    allowing you to add a little color to your fallout shelter!


60 Seconds! Reatomized Game Trailer -YouTube

Awards & Recognition

Official Showcase 2019 Tokyo Game Show

Selected Quotes

"(...) 60 Seconds! Reatomized is a fun game."

John Padula, Gaming Cypher

"(...) It was an enjoyable, if stressful, distraction each time I booted it up for another attempt at surviving a nuclear holocaust."

Jack Moulder, Game Chronicles

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About Robot Gentleman


Robot Gentleman is the independent games developer, known for the atomic dark comedy adventures 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!. If you've ever seen a robot in a top hat, that's probably one of ours! We are a joyful ensemble of developers who are keen on experimentation. Storytelling experimentation, that is! Captivating stories, bending design ideas and crossing boundaries is what we are after in our titles. Originally coming from both game development and filmmaking backgrounds, we've been fostering our robot culture to create the games we want the way we like, while also actively engaging with the global gamedev community and supporting the local indie scene in our home city of Poznań, Poland.

More information

More information on Robot Gentleman, our logo & relevant media is available here.

Release Credits


Directed By

Dominik Gotojuch & Juliusz Zenkner

Lead Artist

Juliusz Zenkner

Lead Game Designer

Radek Smektała

Game Design

Radek Smektała & Berenika Gotojuch

Narrative Design

Berenika Gotojuch

Design Support

Maksymilian Wawrzyniak, Krystian Brych, Przemysław Kasprzak


Berenika Gotojuch


Juliusz Zenkner, Agata Bednorz, Mateusz Lewicz


Mateusz Lewicz & Juliusz Zenkner


Mateusz Pusty, Krzysztof Lewicki, Marcin Michalski, Bartosz Maćkowiak, Dominik Gotojuch

Sound Designer

Bartosz Maćkowiak

Executive Producer

Trevor Snowden


Juliusz Zenkner, Dominik Gotojuch, Łukasz 'Squallu' Winkel

Writing Review

Adam Kennedy & Dominik Gotojuch

Quality Assurance

Maksymilian Wawrzyniak, Krystian Brych, Przemysław Kasprzak, Berenika Gotojuch

Marketing & PR Lead

Anastazja Kulińska

Social Media & Community Manager

Krzysztof Klimek

Office Manager

Małgorzata Bronikowska

Localization FR, RU, DE, ES, PT-BR, IT, JP, ZH, KO, TR

Altagram Group

Localization PL

Berenika Gotojuch

Special Thanks

Vader The Dog, Misha & Katya The Cats, Tashi The Dog, Aleksandra Mendyk, Shaïri Pringels, Marcin & Gosia, Szymon Gałdyn, Marta Lasowska


Programming, Design, Writing & Production

Dominik Gotojuch

Art Direction, 2D Art, Design & Writing

Juliusz Zenkner

Design, Writing & Testing

Berenika Gotojuch

3D Art & Animations

Karena Michalska

Additional 3D Animations

Piotr Zając & Mikołaj Krawcow


Michał Ratkowski

Sound Design

Paweł Cincio

Additional Sound Design


Writing & Review

James Hudson

Doodle Art

Sophie Burie

Production, Design & Additional Programming

Franciszek Szych


Shaïri Pringels & Marcin Charlicki & Mateusz Węglarz & Tadeusz Chmiel & Piotr Suchodolski & Kacper Fertacz & Piotr Kołakowski & Tomasz Wachnik & Mateusz Reszka & Piotr Jażdżyk & Wojciech Rogowski & Piotr Hamrol

Special Thanks

Karolina Krawczyk & Anastazja Kulińska & Jakub Marszałkowski & Robert Podgórski & Roderick Murray-Smith

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