Robot Gentleman is the independent games developer, known for the atomic dark comedy adventures 60 Seconds! and 60 Parsecs!. If you've ever seen a robot in a top hat, that's probably one of ours! We are a joyful ensemble of developers who are keen on experimentation. Storytelling experimentation, that is! Captivating stories, bending design ideas and crossing boundaries is what we are after in our titles. Originally coming from both game development and filmmaking backgrounds, we've been fostering our robot culture to create the games we want the way we like, while also actively engaging with the global gamedev community and supporting the local indie scene in our home city of Poznań, Poland.



Robot Gentleman came out of a figurative indie garage, somewhere in Poland. Dominik Gotojuch was a AAA game developer. Juliusz Zenkner was a professional filmmaker.

60 Seconds!

Ever since they’ve met on an obscure special film effects forum 10 years earlier, they wanted to make games together. That chance came in 2013. A simple question “What would you do if you knew the world was about to end?” became an inspiration for the studio’s debut title 60 Seconds!. Both Juliusz and Dominik left their jobs behind and devoted all they could (sweat, tears, sanity - you name it) to get this unconventional genre bending game out the door. When the game released in 2015 they hoped it would sell just enough copies to keep their indie dream going. In a surprising twist it went slightly better. As of today the game sold nearly 2 million copies worldwide.

Robots, assemble!

This first success established Robot Gentleman’s reputation as a studio with ambitions to create twisted storytelling games on their own terms. Easily recognisable by their top hats and dapper outfits, the growing number of Robot developers had not forgotten their humble beginnings. Robots can often be met in the wild sharing their experiences at conferences, jams and festivals. Moreso, they co-founded the first Polish indie collective Pyramida Hub. When not working on their next game, they’re busy organising cultural and gaming events, supporting local theatre festivals (especially the ones censored by the government) and causing creative disruptions wherever and whenever possible.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Dominik Gotojuch
Creative & Tech director
Juliusz Zenkner
Art director
Berenika Gotojuch
Game designer & writer
Agata Bednorz
2D artist
Mateusz Lewicz
2D artist & animator
Krzysztof Lewicki
Gameplay engineer
Małgorzata Bronikowska
Office manager
Łukasz 'Squallu' Winkel
Przemysław Kasprzak
Game designer
Krystian Brych
Game designer