1. Introduction

Robot Gentleman (hereinafter "RG") complies with all applicable regulations regarding privacy and its protection. The purpose of this privacy policy (hereinafter "Privacy Policy") is to ensure the safety of all data and information (hereinafter referred collectively to as "Information") concerning usage of RG's applications and products, in particular, prevention of any unauthorized use by any third-party.

It is RG's intention to provide users with comprehensive, accurate, and easy to understand overview about scope and purpose of collected Information. In other words, this Privacy Policy explains to Users what kind of information is collected, why is collected by RG, and what it is used for.

This Privacy Policy shall be applicable to all mobile applications and services of RG (hereinafter "Services") made available to any end users (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Users") directly by RG and/or with usage of all platforms and systems of third parties (i.e. iTunes, Google Play). RG's Privacy Policy does not cover any external websites or any third-parties' activities unless this Privacy Policy expressly states otherwise.

2. Collected Information

RG receives, stores and process information provided by Users to RG, collected automatically by RG and provided to RG by any third-parties (i.e. iTunes, Google Play). RG receives information from Users when they: (i) use RG's Services (download, update, play), (ii) purchase Services, (ii) interact with RG in form and scope made accessible by RG (social media, newsletter, events), (iv) submit to RG questions, doubts or complaints. RG receives information from Users automatically: (i) by cookies, (ii) information how Users use RG's Services, (iii) technical information about accessing RG's Services (device model, operating system, platform, language, time zone, device carrier, applications, IP address). RG receives information about Users from third parties when Users purchase Services from RG (i.e. iTunes, Google Play) or use RG'S Services through a social media (i.e. Facebook).

3. Use of Information

Information received by RG is used solely for purposes which are necessary to define, change, terminate and proper realization of Services by RG in accordance with type of information and for purpose it was collected. RG may use personal data of Users for marketing, information or other purposes (e.g. updates, contests, promotions, newsletters) solely upon User's individual consent. In case when RG is collecting any personal data (if applicable), each User shall be entitled to access, correct, update and remove their personal data. Information collected automatically shall be used only for general statistics in order to improve the Service's functionality and correctness. Information collected automatically shall not be changed or removed. RG may use cookies files within during use of Services by Users. In such case Users are allowed to change cookies files settings in order to exclude receiving or sending cookies files. RG informs and warns that such modification in cookies files settings in the scope necessary for certification process, safety, or maintaining User's preferences, might result in difficulties in usage of RG's Services, or in extreme circumstances might render impossible using such Services, depending on the type of User's settings.

4. Share of Information with Third-Parties

RG may disclose Information to third-parties when it is required by law or by law enforcement entity in accordance with binding regulations. RG shall take safety measurements which shall prevent Information against its loss or use by unauthorized persons, in particular by using proper technical equipment. All Information collected in manner specified in this Privacy Policy shall be accessed solely by RG, and shall not be, in any manner, distributed to any third-party, however RG uses Unity Analytics (please see Unity Analytics section below)

5. Unity Analytics

RG's Services may use technology and means called Unity Analytics upon which RG manages relationship with Users during their usage of Services (i.e. statistics, results, screens). All information and data obtained by RG with use of Unity Analytics or provided by RG to Unity Analytics are strictly anonymous which means that any User's personal data are not collected by RG with use of Unity Analytics. For example, RG with use of Unity Analytics does not collect nicknames, demographics or device location. Unity Analytics provides RG information and data upon which RG manages relationship with Users (i.e. statistics, results, screens). Using Unity Analytics may require access to some technical information about the User's device in order to work properly (i.e. device manufacturer, hardware components, device and network identifiers, user language). The collected technical data is sent to Unity and aggregated in publicly-available statistics. RG has no control over how Unity uses such information (for more details please see:

6. Additional Information

This Privacy Policy is in its current version is available on RG's website under following address: RG may update this Privacy Policy from time to time by publishing updated version on the above website. Update will take effect from the date of publishing updated version. In case of any doubts, complaints or questions as regards this Privacy Policy please contact RG through following e-mail:

Please provide RG with description of such doubt, complaint or question as well as return contact details.